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But common sense says that there must be consequences for business and for the European economy from the attacks in Paris that appear to have added a whole new dimension to the threat from Islamic State. The first-round impacts, such as a likely hit to tourism and consumer spending think of all those Christmas markets that make such juicy soft targets are the most obvious and likely to be the most short-lived. There was, after all, no discernible lasting economic impact from the attacks on the magazine Charlie Hebdo earlier this year. But there are obvious imponderables that could have huge, if indirect, impacts, most of them through the policy channel. Importantly, not all of them are negative. Surveillance is likely to increase. The European debate on surveillance is likely to lurch sharply in favor of snooping, as voters put more emphasis on security and less on concealing their secret gambling habits, infidelity and tax evasion.

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The G7 participants also expressed their commitment to achieve a low-carbon global economy by developing and deploying innovative technologies, transforming the different energy sectors by , eliminating inefficient fossil fuel subsidies, and continuing efforts to phase down hydro fluorocarbons. The participants also committed to apply effective policies and actions to incentivize investments towards low-carbon growth opportunities, including carbon marketed-based and regulatory instruments.

Importantly, the G7 Declaration also expresses a strong commitment to mobilize jointly USD billion a year by to finance meaningful climate change mitigation actions. The Declaration recognizes the potential of multilateral development banks and of private sector capital to achieve this financial goals, unlock the required investments in low-carbon technologies, and adapt to climate change.

Paris (French pronunciation: (listen)) is the capital and most populous city of France, with an area of square kilometres (41 square miles) and a population of 2,, Since the 17th century, Paris has been one of Europe’s major centres of finance, commerce, fashion, science, and the arts.. The City of Paris is the center and seat of government of the Ile-de-France, or Paris Region.

In Bing’s Most Searched Athletes list, women took center stage, with twice as many women on the list as in Ronda Rousey took the second spot after an extraordinary year and her high-profile match against Holly Holm. Serena Williams also made the list as the most searched tennis player in the world. Pictured, people gather outside of Notre Dame Cathedral ahead of a ceremony to the victims of the the terrorist attacks on November 15 In fact, with her sixth Wimbledon championship title and triumphs at the French Open and Australian Open, Williams was searched more than the top five men’s players combined in On January 7, two attackers burst into the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and began shooting.

As the news broke, people sought answers through search. Soon interest in the hashtag jesuischarlie spiked as many showed solidarity toward the French people and freedom of speech. Most recently, on November 13, coordinated shootings and bombings in Paris killed and injured more than This was followed by the Syrian refugee crisis, the Earthquake in Nepal and the snowstorms that buried northeastern US earlier in the year.

The Syrian refugee crisis, the Earthquake in Nepal and the snowstorms that buried northeastern US earlier in the year were among the most searched for news stories this year. Brown died at age 22 in July. She is pictured here with husband Nick Gordon Internet searchers had celebrities on the mind this year:

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How is the global organized labour movement responding to the threat of climate change? Working people are on the frontlines of climate change, with more than 2. And workers will be on the frontlines of the industrial transformation that is a necessity for a zero-carbon future. Switching to a decarbonized economy will inevitably lead to structural unemployment — at a time when the global economy is weak.

Investment in climate action is already creating jobs.

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The Paris Climate Agreement: The groundbreaking pact requires that nearly every country, large and small, developed or developing, take action. The climate agreement is adopted. Here are some of the best and most reliable resources to help you understand the Paris accord and its implications. The New York Times said that countries are legally bound by the agreement, however, to monitor and report on their emissions and progress, and ratchet up their efforts to reduce emissions in the future.

There is, however, no mechanism to punish any country that violates its commitment. The New York Times examined some salient points of the agreement. The aspiration to stay below 1. Forests must be preserved with incentives continued to reduce deforestation and forest degradation that increase emissions. The parties are encouraged to reach a peak of greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible.

The agreement also recognizes loss and damage resulting from climate change impacts. And while the agreement does not set forth a specific dollar amount, the developed countries are encouraged to provide and marshal financing from various sources to help developing countries. National Geographic took a look at some of the surprises, as well as the winners and losers of the climate agreement. The climate agreement ensures that the investments will go towards low-carbon technologies.

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True Muslims know that the ruthless violence of so called Islamic Jihadists goes against the very tenets of our religion And unfortunately, his religious identity has been a seemingly constant source of criticism and conflict for the star. Lakers and the Miami Heat.

One of the best things about Paris is the sheer number of things there are to see and do—and, of course, eat! Our most recent trip to Paris was our second time to the magical City of Lights. This time around, we did a ton of research prior to our arrival in an effort to discover the best off-the.

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Tillerson supported global emissions-cutting agreement forged in Paris climate summit. Tiller acknowledged the threat of climate change and the company he heads endorsed a carbon tax and stated its support for the Paris climate agreement. At a congressional testimony in , Tillerson said his company acknowledges that humans are affecting the climate through greenhouse gas emissions to some degree, but one can’t say “to what extent and therefore what can you do about it.

There is a broad scientific and policy consensus that action must be taken to further quantify and assess the risks. ExxonMobil is taking action by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in its operations, helping consumers reduce their emissions, supporting research that leads to technology breakthroughs and participating in constructive dialogue on policy options. Tillerson supported the Boy Scouts admitting gay youths.

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In my first inaugural address, I committed this country to the tireless task of combating climate change and protecting this planet for future generations. Two weeks ago, in Paris, I said before the world that we needed a strong global agreement to accomplish this goal — an enduring agreement that reduces global carbon pollution and sets the world on a course to a low-carbon future.

A few hours ago, we succeeded. We came together around the strong agreement the world needed. We met the moment. I want to commend President Hollande and Secretary General Ban for their leadership and for hosting such a successful summit, and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius for presiding with patience and resolve. And I want to give a special thanks to Secretary John Kerry, my Senior Advisor Brian Deese, our chief negotiator Todd Stern, and everyone on their teams for their outstanding work and for making America proud.

I also want to thank the people of nearly nations — large and small, developed and developing — for working together to confront a threat to the people of all nations. Today, the American people can be proud — because this historic agreement is a tribute to American leadership. In , we helped salvage a chaotic Copenhagen Summit and established the principle that all countries had a role to play in combating climate change. We then led by example, with historic investments in growing industries like wind and solar, creating a new and steady stream of middle-class jobs.

Now, skeptics said these actions would kill jobs. And then, with our historic joint announcement with China last year, we showed it was possible to bridge the old divides between developed and developing nations that had stymied global progress for so long. That accomplishment encouraged dozens and dozens of other nations to set their own ambitious climate targets.

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